Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lexington Bike Park Update

Ground is 100%clear of snow, ice and no standing water!
I dug a test hole on Tuesday about 1ft deep, no frost- the ground is still a little soft to bring in any equipment but the piles of dirt are 100% thawed, this weather in the 60s and 70s should help dry it out big time! I'm super excited. Drove some stakes last night to mark out the dimensions of the first pump track. Met with Tim Wegner and Trevor Crawford last night. Big thanks to them for their help. Tim will be joining us on the major build weekend and helping out with his knowledge of trail building (he built Cuyuna, Salem Hills, Lebanon Hills, Elm Creek and many others) and Trevor has agreed to donate his time and knowledge to survey the land and help design and lay out the drainage system so we don't have a swimming pool after the first rain.
I've spoke with Paul at the city and they are calling in locations. That should be done by this weekend and they will hopefully have the water hooked up by end of next weekend. My schedule is pretty booked over the next two weekends. I have a wedding couples retreat Friday night and most of the day Saturday and it's St. Patty's Day! Next weekend my family is coming to town to see our new house and help us do some repairs and such that are needed.

The good news though is that you can put it on the books folks we have one official build day/weekend we will see how things go. It is 4/13/12, that is a Friday some friends from QBP have agreed to help, as well as Tim Wegner with the Dingo and hopefully we can rally a few more people. I would like to start around lunch time and go till dark but it is open for discussion.
I have the whole day off. If you want to help out come when you can, I understand it is a Friday. I also encourage your to bring any shovels-flat or spade, metal rakes, 5 gallon buckets and wheelbarrows. There should be running water by this time but just in case.
I would also like to get one more build day/weekend before this date if at all possible. I will be looking at the calendar and will post up asap to let you all know!

Hope to see you out there!

Keep it real!

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