Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Long time coming.....

Hey everyone, 

Sorry it has been such a long time coming I have been a busy man trying to balance work, home and play can get pretty hectic and this awful spring isn’t lessening my stress levels any. I have 3 major bike park projects to complete this summer and I was hoping to start working on them this coming weekend but there is no way that is going to happen. The snow isn’t 100% gone yet, the frost isn’t out of the ground and nothing is near dry enough to put bike tires on it.

I’m guessing the single track won’t open till the first weekend of June, maybe memorial Day weekend if we are lucky but we will need Mother Nature to wake the F up and realize it is actually spring and our average highs should be near 60 not 40 and we should have lows near 40 and not 20! That would help a lot. We will see what the next few weeks bring. I know that there is some rain in the forecast, that will help bring the frost out and close to 60 predicted for next weekend so thing might be looking up.

Eagan Bike Park is close to finished, this year we will finish out the jump lines and tune up the pump tracks and that will be good for that park. Maple Plain is getting a complete rebuilt. I am excited to do that park. It will be kind of small. Smaller then Eagan but it will be nice for that community. I am most excited about Cottage Grove, one it is in my home town and two it is going to be huge! Big jumps, probably the biggest set in MN, at least legal, non-private jumps. It will have the only 4cross(4x) track in the Upper Mid-West that I know of.

The Task Force and myself our now hitting the streets hard to obtain sponsors, we spoke with Rumpca Excavations out of CG last night. It sounds like they are on board. We are just sorting out what they will be helping us with.

Should be an exciting summer! I can’t wait! Stay tuned!

Keep it real! 

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