Monday, May 6, 2013

Be There or Be Square!

Hello Everyone,

This coming Saturday will be the first major build day at the Eagan Bike Park, the newest addition to the MORC riding facilities. The park is currently about 80% complete after all the hard work from the volunteers last year. The original group of volunteers approached MORC and asked if MORC would like to partner with the City and help take this Bike Park to the next level and fulfill its true potential.

The answer was “Yes” and now is the time to act! There will be a Mini-Excavator, Skid Steer and gas plate compactor on site to speed up the building, but a majority of the work will still need to be done by hand. Please come help make the first bike park in the Metro area a success! Dress for trail work, wear closed toed shoes and bring gloves.

We are not sure if the water will be turned on, on site by this Saturday. The weather has pushed the City to their limit in trying to get things together, so please bring 5 gallon buckets, watering cans and pump sprayers if you have them. Hopefully we won’t need to use them. If you have any hand tools, please bring them along. We need additional tools like steel rakes, flat and spade shovels, hand tampers and rouge hoes. Oh and don’t forget your bike! This weekend is the big Eagan city soccer tournament so get there early if you want to park in the parking lots. There is a parking lot right by the skate park off of Diffley Road and another on the other side off of Lexington Avenue. If the lots are full there is street parking but you will have to park a few blocks off and ride your bike in. So if you brought things just drop them off, go park and ride up!

Make sure to check in with one of the guys in the bright orange shirts to sign the volunteer waiver. We will be providing lunch, pizza from Little Caesar’s and will have water on site but it would probably be best to bring a jug of water for yourself, hydration is important!

The address is 4201 Lexington Avenue South, Eagan, MN, look for a large white water tower follow the road back to a parking lot by the skate park and then follow the bike path towards the trees and look for the blue MORC tent and feather flags.

Please post up if you are going to be able to attend and help out so that we can get an idea of the amount of hand tools, water, food, etc. to have on hand.

Thank you! Hope to see you all there!

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