Friday, May 11, 2012

MTB? Blog? MTB Blog? WTF?

Yeah that is how I feel right now. I haven't had much time to do much of anything that I can remember really. I know that sounds strange, like what the heck have you been doing then? well I have been working and working and working. Then trying to help Kelly plan our wedding that is going down in 3 weeks. I am still super amp'd to shred whistler. I was really hoping to be in a heck of a lot better riding shape then I am right now but 4 rides in 2.5 months is sure in the heck not going to do that! I will hopefully get out tonight and get a shred session in and I will also try and steal some time to ride tomorrow morning and maybe Sunday morning as well. The day time is completely booked through dinner time on both of those days.

That is the story of every weekend these days. I will be ready for the wedding to be over and hopefully life will get back to normal and be a bit less stressful.

Currently just about every free minute I have is being consumed by the Lexington Street Bike park build. Being the project manager, I have tons of emails and phone calls to make and try to coordinate the city and my crew to get things done like dirt hauled in, grading done. Then trying to get over there to lead maintenance days and try and correct issues like drainage and erosion! Wow, way more involved then I thought it would be but it is very rewarding. It is getting a great response from the City of Eagan all the riders that have come out and checked it out.

The next build day is May 19th, baring anything crazy happening, like bad weather or the city not getting the 350 yards of dirt delivered in time that we need, we should be able to take a big step towards completion. The city will be providing an operator and equipment for 8hrs that day and we are hoping to have a decent crew out there running shovels.

We are hoping to have the start hill in place, the first run of jumps, the first large berm, the next jump and the next berm for sure and we will see where the dirt and time takes us. We will also complete the 3rd and final pump track that is about 80% done right now.

As for any other free time I have. I spend it with Kelly and Jerry or trying to organize a high school mountain bike team for the east metro!

I am currently working on getting my certification to be a coach. I have attended the coaching summit and training weekend and  passed the written test. The only thing really left to do is pass the Wilderness First Aid and CPR classes but those are not offered until later this summer.

We have a facebook page already. East Metro HS Mountain Bike Team. We have meetings with some possible sponsors next week as well as a couple informational meetings at a couple of the high schools in our scope. I will keep you posted on our progress. The season doesn't officially start till August but there will be weekly camps in July and races will start in September.

I hope your spring is going great! I hope this rain is done for now! I need some sanity time on my bike!

Keep it real!

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