Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey ya’ll how is life treating you! Well 8 days till I’m a married man and 10 till I’m in Whistler BC. Life has not slowed down one bit. I have been busy trying to help Kelly, I’m not very good at that but I do what I can. Work has been going alright. I’m still looking for a job in the cycling industry. No luck at this time.
I am officially now a registered NICA High School Mountain Bike coach and I will be the Assistant Coach for the East Metro High School Mountain Bike Team. We are just in the early stages.  We have had two informational meetings at St. Paul Highland and St. Paul Central High Schools, both went well to my understanding.  I wasn’t able to attend. We also have an upcoming general informational meeting on 5/30 at the Battle Creek Recreation Center in St Paul and probably have a group ride after if weather permits. So if you want to come, bring your bike!
Kelly’s family’s friend is in town from Germany for our wedding. She is really nice and it is kind of fun to get to practice or use, but I use that word loosely as my German is very rough these days, my German skills. Not sure if I had mentioned it yet but I have lived there twice. Once for 3 months and the second time for about 8 months, I’m a little rough but it’s coming back.
No major plans for the weekend. I will probably help Kelly’s parents with some more yard work and house maintenance. They are paying me, which is great as I’m using that money for the honey moon. What of it I don’t have to spend on bills! Other than that, I would love to get out and ride my bike but I’m not sure if the weather is going to cooperate!
If it does I’m sure there is work to be done on the bike park so I will be heading to Lexington to do some maintenance and hopefully ride a bit. I would really like to get a ride in at Lebanon, Redwing and maybe Battle Creek before I head off to Whistler I know they don’t compare but a little natural single track to get things flowing again would be nice. I have mostly only ridden dirt jumps and pump tracks this last month or so!
Speaking of Lexington the last build day went great. We now have 3 completed pump tracks and 2 of the first 4 jumps built as well as the starting ramp! Not sure when the next build day will take place but it won’t be till I get back from Whistler/honey moon!
I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!
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  1. What a big month for you, Chance! Take lots of photos of Whistler, will ya?