Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

A moment of silence for all of our fallen.

Ok I hope you all had a great weekend. It was kind of a bust for me. This rain is getting extremely old. I really wanted to be in great shape and have my mtb ninja sward super sharp and polished but its more like blunt and slightly dangerous. I hope it goes well. I'm sure I will be fine. I will just have to remember that I need to ride with in my limits, this years early season limits! I know I will have a blast, even if I only shred the easiest trails! I'm so jacked just to not have to work for 10 days and get to be in the mountains hiking, rafting, kayaking, zip lining and mountain biking! I can't think of a better honey moon and the best part is that I didn't suggest it! Kelly did! What an amazing woman! It actually took me back a bit and I thought she was messing with me when she suggested it. Since originally we had decided to go on a cruise. Glad she changed her mind!

Well what have I done this weekend, if I haven't rode my bike? Well not too much. Saturday I just hung out inside with Kelly and Jerry and tried to get out to get Jerry some excessive as much as I could. Sunday I did a bunch of work at Kelly's parents. Painted the deck, did some weeding of the gardens. Smoked some awesome pork tenderloin! That was the highlight! Today, today is up in the air. Looks like all the metro trails are closed but I think the pump track will be ridable later and sounds like Red Wing is open. I guess I will let you know!

All I know this week should be awesome, fast and hectic! Only 2 days of work. Tuesday and Wednesday! and then off Thursday and Friday, Wedding Saturday-I still can't believe its this week, it might not have hit me yet- and then getting ready for the trip Sunday and off to Whistler early Monday morning!

After that, in Whistler till the next Monday, come home and off Tuesday just to relax and back to work the following Wednesday! for a 3 day week! Ha, I love it! Hopefully shortly after that a new job!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

Keep it real!

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