Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hmm..... well my apologies with my incredible slacking I've been doing as of late with the blog but not a lot of exciting things going on these days. Last night was Kelly and my date night. We went to Apple B's and had some wings, burgers and beer since each is only $5 on Monday's after 4pm! What a great deal. I think will make that a bit of a tradition, if I have anything to say about it!
This last weekend was my buddy's birthday ride, well actually yesterday was my buddy Josh's birthday but we went to Red Wing on Sunday and went for a ride. I got two flats, both in the parking lot! Yeah how lame. I was there early so they have this old fire ring thing, i have no idea what it actually is but its about a 2ft high stone wall so I decided to go ride it. I didn't just want to ride the 12 inch wide circle skinny so I had to get on it, that was the challenge. I did it once and then the second time I got on and then my back tire went flat! Dang it, pinch flat! So I went and changed it and went back to trying to ride it, I stacked a rock in the spot I pinch flatted so it wouldn't happen again I got on it and was dicking around on it when Josh showed up so he wanted to get some picks so I went back over there and wiped out and flatted again! WTF and he didn't even get a pic of it, haha. So no more tubes, good deal I had my tools with me. It has a patch kit in it. So two patches laters, since it was another rim pinch flat and we were off for our 2 laps of XC fun! The tube held up and the ride was great. I met 3 more cool people and had a good time.
It looks like the week night rides my be on the way out real quick like! I am going to try and sneak one in tonight either BC or Carver. Nice and short focused training ride!
Hope you are all ready for winter looks like it's just around the corner. I know some of you are crazy snow bikers but i'm sharpening my ice axes and waxing my skis!
Keep it real!

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