Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hey guys this was just brought to my attention recently through some of the forums that I frequent. I remember seeing these bikes on the interbike pictures or somewhere a few months back but these are two of the coolest bikes to come out of Europe in the coming months and they are going to give some of the big name companies a run for their money in the bike category that I care the most about all-mountain/trail, some European companies are calling them enduro bikes now due to the ever growing popularity of the enduro DH, enduro stage and super d style races going on all over Europe. The US is behind but I'm used to that it's normal for the US to lag a bit behind Europe. The one I like the most and truly would consider for my next bike, I will keep my eyes on it, was powered by Remy Absalon to the Superenduro Finale Ligure #1 podium spot and that is the Commencal Meta SX .

This bike is mean, Commencal doesn't claim it to be a XC or Trail bike that can descend and climb but a DH bike that can climb! That's for real that means this bad boy hauls ass down hill and will get you to the top! It has 160mm of travel with a 66 degree head tube angle which, quoting Mark Weir is the ideal HA for a trail/all mountain bike. If you look closely the rear platform is almost identical to their DH bike the Supreme DH .
The second is also from Commencal and that is the slightly smaller model of the Meta, the Meta AM this bike was piloted by Dan Atherton to some solid finishes this year as well on the SuperEnduro Circuit.
Unfortunately these bikes wont be available for another 40 days and I will never probably have the chance to ride one unless I buy one or some how make my way to Outerbike due to the lack of demand for real bikes in this area. No bike shop will stock this or any other bike you see on this blog for that matter. The bike I'm riding now I basically did research and bought sight unseen. That is just the nature of the beast here. It is unfortunate because these bikes are truly jacks of all trades. You only have to make minor concessions on the extremes. No they are not 24lbs XC bike and no they are not 8" super low slung DH rigs but they can do both and they truly shine at what I do most and what I'm sure most of you do most and that is ride trails, freeride with your buddies and just have a good time that isn't timed! This is the type of bike that I like as, at least for now, I am more of a one bike wonder and I'm always looking for the Swiss Army Knife. The do it all bike! and these are definitely contenders. For closing here is a good write up from PinkBike on these two rippers. Stay tuned as I find out more info I will let you know!

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