Wednesday, November 30, 2011

oh where have I been....?

Well I have been on hiatus haven't I? It has been crazy yet boring at the same time if that is possible. Life is crazy but this time of year is boring for me. There is no snow or ice so no winter sports, so you say go mtb right, wrong. I don't find these rides enjoyable. I went for a ride yesterday at Lebanon and after work and it was ok don't get me wrong I hardly ever have a truly bad time on a bike, unless I break something and then it still could have been fun. The thing is I hate feeling rushed on my bike. There is hardly any day light right now, I don't have lights and don't really enjoy night riding. It might grow on me but I don't have lights and or money to buy them so I have to go with people and sometimes that's a hassle. I put down a pretty good pace and was smooth through all the sections but something didn't feel right. I felt a bit sluggish, my suspension didn't feel right, must be the cold or something. Maybe someone should invent bottom warmers for your fork so the oil is still loose.
The biggest thing is I hate that harsh feeling in the back of your throat you get from breathing cold air, I know where a face cover but it's too warm for that. I was riding in a long sleeve and shorts with just normal gloves yesterday. It's 38 degrees! The biggest thing was my eyes tearing up and it was too dark for even my lightest lenses on my glasses since I don't have clear and they didn't help at the beginning anyways. Maybe I should get a sweet enduro helmet and some goggles, haha I would get some looks then! haha.
It was good to get that craving for a ride out of my system when I can still get out with out snow but nothing will replace a 65 degree sunny day with nice tacky loam where I can rock a short sleeve and shorts and just rip! Although yesterdays trail was super sick tacky, probably the best tack all year. It hasn't rained in ages so it must be the freeze thaw effect!
Other then that ride I have just been working out at lunch, mostly lifting and building core strength and mobility. I'm feeling a strong season coming up!
Other then that we went back to a-town for Thanksgiving with the family. It was nice. No events at dinner, that was amazing. I like just chilling with the family and friends. Went out to dinner with some friends and a party on Saturday. Yikes I forgot I wasn't in college anymore and paid for that all Sunday. I felt awful and Kelly had to drive home while I slept in my misery!
Good news it's Wednesday so the week is half over, bad news no snow or ice. Lets go winter come get it over with. I don't want you to last into my spring filled with trail building and riding so lets keep it short and sweet, December, January and February and then go away! haha, yeah right!

Keep it real!

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