Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good ride cowboy, good ride!

As I keep trying to keep my goal of diversifying my ride portfolio to help me meet my end goal of being the best, most versed rider I can possible be I went to Rehbeins Indoor BMX track in Lino Lakes. It is kind of a long drive. It took me just about 55 minutes to get there but it was totally worth it! I had a great time. I had to go by myself since things fell through with a couple of my buddies. Even though I was going at it alone it was fine. I had fun and met some great people. I met a Cottage Grove native and dead ripper. He only lives about 10 mins from me and was super stoked when I told him I was the one that was behind the building of the bike park in Eagan, Lexington Street Bike Park, and that I was planning on building a bigger and better bike park in Cottage Grove. He said he wanted to help in anyway possible and I'm going to hold him to that. It was also great to hear there is about 3 or 4 other rippers that he hangs with that live in Cottage Grove! I hope that we can all get together and be form a great scene here in CG!

Anyways back to the riding. Well it was a lot more serious then I remember BMX practice being 10 years ago. It was gate practice all night, which I thought was odd and meant that you couldn't session any jumps or anything. I guess it has to do with 1. how serious all those racers are 2. the size of the facility 3. the size/length of the track. I would have loved to get to just screw around more but that's not racing. I did do about 25 to 30 laps which is a great work out. It was a slow start for me but it didn't take too long for me to get the hang of it again. I loved manualing the rhythm sections. Nothing fells that good to me. I still want to learn how to manual the whole thing with out putting the front wheel down! I think that would just be super sick!

I will say this it took some time getting use to trying to jump the jumps with those super mellow BMX lips when for the last two summers I have been primarily dirt jumping. I did case the jumps a couple times and tweaked my rear rim, so I will have to try and true that as much as  I can by next weekend! Off to Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Milwaukee for Friday and Saturday with Trevor. It will be a good time to get a feel for my new 2010 Chevy Malibu.

I didn't mention this before but last Sunday my car was totaled when a high school kid lost control and slide into me on the highway and spun me into the ditch. So I don't have the Sentra anymore. The saddest part is loosing all my dope stickers on the back window! Oh well I will just have to start over! Have to rep the rider street cred!

Keep it real!

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