Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Ok so I thought I would follow up on this and try to put Spirit Mountain’s potential into perspective. I have emailed a few people that may know more than me and I will get back to you about that as soon as I hear from them.
My source for this information came from www.mtbparks.com and I just picked a few parks to list out from across the nation from east to west.
Highland Bike Park, New Hampshire: 627 vertical feet
Marquette MI: 600 vertical feet
Terry Peak, Black Hills SD: 1100 vertical feet
Trestle Bike Park, Winter Park CO: 1700 vertical feet
Stevens Pass, just outside of Seattle: 900 vertical feet per mountain and they have 2
Whistler Bike Park, Whistler BC Canada: this one had 4 numbers so overall total 4400 ft, however from the main bike park lift it is only 1200 feet of vertical loss
(Number reflects the vertical loss from top to bottom used in the bike park)
As you can see these numbers very significantly from each location, however they are all success full parks.
Spirit Mountains Bike Park has a potential vertical loss of 700 feet! That would put it above Highland and Marquette.  I understand that vertical loss isn’t the only thing to be taking into consideration here. How steep are each? What type of terrain and natural features do they have to offer? I can’t speak for all of them but I know Spirit isn’t as steep as Whistler but it has a plenty steep descent to make it worth riding and the natural rock that they have there would offer some sweet riding. On top of that if they do bring in professional trail designers and builders they can add tons of sweet obstacles to make it worth your time! I’ll keep you all posted as information becomes available!

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