Monday, June 18, 2012

Whistler baby!

Oh yeah, this might be the sweetest single location I have ever visited. Kelly basically had to convince me to come back. If I had the money or a job lined up, I would move there in a heart beat and never look back! The town is super cool, it's in the middle of the mountains, tons of like minded people, all the things I like to do and probably some of the best mountain biking in the world!

I only  was able to ride one day but I made the best of that and the best of all the other days and activities we partook in!

We first had a long travel day to get there. We left at 4:30 am to the airport as our flight left at 630am. We got on our flight to Seattle and then had to catch a bus to Vancouver and then a second bus to Whistler. It was about 8hrs of traveling. We finally got to Whistler Village about 5:30pm. We didn't do much that night besides eat at the restaurant in the hotel. It was called Ric's and it was super spendy but someone gave us a gift card for our wedding and it was totally worth the money. The food was super delicious!

Not a lot to do during the week at night. Most shops close up at about 6pm and the restaurants by 8.

On Tuesday we did a lot of walking around and shopping. I was like a kid in a candy store. I don't know how many bike shops were there exactly but there were quite a few and they all had bad ass bikes and sweet gear! I wish I had more money to spend, haha.

Wednesday we went Ziplining and that was super sick! There were only 5 zips but they were super huge and super high compared to any other zip lines I've ever done before.

We got our first look at some of the DH riders and the bone yard, where they will be hosting Crankworx in August.

Ok that's all the time I have today, enjoy and there is more to come!

Keep it real! 

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