Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ok this might be a few parts in length since I've been slacking hard core. I had a nice break, a great wedding, a fun reception and an amazing honey moon in Whistler!

So I was off from Thursday 5/31 through 6/12 and returned to work on 6/13. That break was much needed and super refreshing. The stress of work and all the events leading up to the wedding had me about at wits end. haha!

Thursday and Friday were pretty hectic to boot. We had to get all the final touches done before the wedding and then get Kelly's parents house ready for the grooms dinner. Friday my buddies from Aberdeen came into town and we went to get their tuxes fit and then just hung out till it was time for he rehearsal at the church and then off to Kelly's parents house to have a little pizza and some cold beers. It's always good when I can get together with my buddies from back home.

The wedding day, I was actually pretty dang calm until Kelly started walking down the isle. Then my heart started beating like a 100 mph. She looked gorgeous, absolutely amazing. The ceremony went super quick.

Everyone warned us it would but I didn't really take them serious. It was a great ceremony too. The Deccan was funny and we had some fun with it. We had a sweet jump high five at the end.
We had a sweet limo to ride around, have cock tails and take some sweet pictures. The reception was awesome and I had so much fun. Our DJ was a blast and played killer music all night long!
On Sunday we did a brunch and opened presents with our family and friends at Kelly's parent's house. We got tons of sweet presents and some money, which we put to good use on our honey moon in Whistler. More to come on that.

For now,

Keep it real!

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