Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ok it wasn't the overall first ride of the year but it kind of felt that way. Lebanon really makes you work for your fun. It's not like BC were you or I and my buddies mostly start up top and shred the luge and then push back up and session some jumps. No, you ride the whole loop. I started off feeling great! I was moving at a good clip. I could already tell the limited pump track riding was helping. I felt smoother and was getting tons of free speed. I only did the blue loop, with a couple stops to chat and session some of the cool features.
After lebanon, about 510pm, I headed over to Lexington for what was suppose to be a pregame get together and shred session, and I guess it was a shred session for one! Haha, I did meet a guy that was following the progress on facebook and he had his 3 kids with. I gave them some pointers and the rode the track for 10-15mins and they all left with grins ear to ear! So that is encouraging! At least I know that I have accomplished my goal of making it kid and family friendly!
A little after 6pm and having about 30 laps in on the pump track I said F it and loaded up and went home. Maybe impromptu isn't the best but I would have though a couple people would have shown up...? I guess everyone is busy or doesn't care....
Hopefully more people show up tomorrow and the weather holds off a bit so we can get some serious building done!

Keep it real!

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