Saturday, April 14, 2012

On the 8th day God gave us pump and we rode!

I have no idea were to start!
I just want to thank everyone that showed up to help build! We had a great turn out despite the on and off rain all day. I believe we had 12 people that showed up.
I want to give a huge shout out to Tim Wegner and Mike Mullany for bringing their machinery and operating it all day long for us! We moved a ton of dirt and made a lot of awesome track!
I want to thank QBP for allowing so many of their employees to come out and help build.
I want to think Josh Abrahamson for bringing a grill and sausages.
I want to thank Clay Haglund for driving all the way up from Mankato to help out and donating a push broom to the cause! Shout out to Adam Buck for sending the beautiful Red Bull ladies our way for a nice mid afternoon pick-me-up!
I also want to thank Thor and Nick for all their attention to detail and really making the two completed tracks super dialed in!
Over all it was a huge success. We dialed the beginner pump track, completed the second pump tack, which is a replica of the Whistler Crankworx '10 and got the 3rd pump track, a replica of sea otter '09 roughted in!
Today I will be back out there to run some shovels around 1-130ish. I know a few people said they would come back out. I will send a text to everyone I know. Other wise spread the word. It is suppose to be sunny till dinner time and then get cloudy and rain starting after sun set! So the tracks should be in great shape for riding! Thanks again to everyone that showed up and brought tools and I hope to see you out there today and all summer enjoying the bike park! There is nothing like this in the Metro, MN or even the midwest that I am aware of!

Keep it real!
I will try and post some pictures but until then there are tons here

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