Monday, June 6, 2011

a long long time ago....

I'm not sure really where to start. I think I rode on Thursday, but I honestly can't remember,  I know I didn't crash. I would have remembered that, haha. Friday on the other hand was a good day at work, got all caught up and did go for a ride afterwards. I hit the trail with my bud stu, he's still not up to par but he gave it a good go. It was hot as shit out and very muggy. The trail was in great shape, but it wasn't a good day for riding. Either way I gave it a good go. I did drink about 3 liters of water and still felt dehydrated. I was really feeling it. I just love that feeling when you are in that perfect body position that just allows  you to flow through the corners like a breeze! Nothing feels better then a fast sharp corn besides maybe hitting a huge jump! Stu bonked pretty hard from the heat and he later told me he hadn't had much to eat. That's unfortunate, especially in that heat.
Saturday we hit the trail a early, about 930am and it was great at the start but became warm quickly. We both were in better shape as it wasn't so hot and the ride was at a pretty quick pace. Stu dipped out after a full lap of blue and black, he had done a 1000meter swim in the am. I was still feeling fresh so I hit up another blue lap and cooled down with a quick green lap. I hung around for a bit chatting with some other riders and had a couple beers. I love that Lebanon turns into a fat tire festival every Saturday afternoon, it's awesome.
After the ride I went home and hung out with Jerry and drank the rest of the beer that I had brought to drink with stu after our ride, but since he dipped out early someone had to drink them why they were cold. So Jerry and I sat out side listened to the radio and drank some beers.
That evening we had a little camp fire and hung out with some friends.
Sunday was a pretty chill day. We had some errands to run and had to clean up Kelly's garbage sale that she had this weekend at her parents. I did make a few bucks from some stuff I sold. That evening we had a BBQ, it was a perfect night. Unfortunately these next couple days are hot as shit.
Today work was ok and after work we went out for dinner. It's Kelly's birthday, well actually it's tomorrow but all of her family could get together today.
Hope you all have a great week!
Keep it real!

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